Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did I tell you...

...that we are going to Hawaii in just a few weeks. So excited to show Scott & Jackson my 'island' homeland. And visit family I haven't seen in soooo long, can't wait to get back in touch with long lost family & friends.

...we put up our outdoor Christmas lights this past weekend. Scott finally decided to go eco-friendly and we bought the mini-LEDs. Now as soon as we come into view of the house in the evening, Jackson yells out, 'Daddy did it!' Which means Daddy put the lights up.

...I am almost finished my 'handbuilding' with clay classes. Having so much fun and learning so much. Lots of techniques to working with clay without a wheel and love learning more about the people in the class each week as there are only four of us & the teacher.

...I am also almost finished my bellydance/bollywood dance classes. Just a fun get-out-there-to-sweat-instead-of-serious-routine-dancing kind of class. But fun just the same. I may sign up for the next sessions in the new year. I love the music and the repetitive drills of moves and technique.

...I have an amazing husband who makes dinner for our family almost every night. I am truly blessed with a man who loves to cook and is inspired to create new and exciting dishes every week. Now don't go getting Scott into trouble with your hubbies, he just loves to do it.

...Jackson is almost two years old already. I can't believe that two years have gone by so quickly. I know you hear it over and over again, but seriously...two years old! We will be in Hawaii for his actual birthday so after Christmas we hope to take him to a WHL hockey game. He is hockey crazy (doesn't care who is playing so don't get upset about the stick in the picture) so I am sure he will love it!

...I appreciate you reading my blog and keeping up to date with our everyday lives. Thanks for logging into our 'Adventures in Smalliver'.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Warm Autumn Treats

Jackson & I got into a baking mood first thing in the morning yesterday. Okay, in actual fact, it was Mommy who was in the mood and Jackson who needed a little distracting so Daddy could get a wee bit more shut eye since he had a 6am fire call after only getting home from working a concert the night before at 2am.

So out came the flour and mixer and sugar and all the yummy ingredients to make Daddy some treats when he woke up. I almost succeeded in keeping Jackson from eating most of the mixings and batter but what's the fun of baking if you can't sample the process. He is such a great little helper when counting out the scoops of flour and an even better 'dumper' when adding it to the mixing bowl.

But I think his favourite job was putting on the special fall leave sprinkles (thanks Aunty Joy!). One shake for the cookie, oops that one didn't get on so into my mouth, and look there's another one for me.

Then into the oven to wait and watch while they bake up nice and big. The waiting is the hard part. Especially when they come out piping hot and smelling so good but you have to wait until they're cool enough to enjoy.

I think that's what actually woke up Scott, the delicious smell of warm chocolate chip oatmeal cookies from the oven.
Great way to wake up on a Sunday morning...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

More in November

Can it be mid-November already? Where has this month...no wait...this year gone? It seems to be slipping away so quickly. Thank goodness for cameras to capture fast fleeting fun fotos (ok, i know that it's a 'ph' just let me have my alliteration).
This is what we have been up to in the first 14 days of this 11th month of this 2009.

Gearing up for the coming cold weather. First snow fall was Friday. Yikes!

uper fun Costume/Housewarming party with the Koteles.
So much fun being silly, especially the She -Sumo-Guy!

Taking advantage of a sunny crisp afternoon in the park before that snow comes again.
He is being more fearless of each obstacle with each visit and making me more nervous, but I just have to let him be curious and adventurous and bite my tongue. Lots of bite marks today.

Jackson just being his goofy self. And looking way too grown up.
Has anyone seen my baby lately?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

After the Big Haul!

Another Halloween down for the J-Man.
Our cute little monkey was a little confused at the start of the evening in how this whole trick-or-treating business played out, but after a couple of houses he was right in there like a veteran pro. He was walking right into the houses and was helping himself to the bowl of candies and treats.
So glad it only happens once a year...way too much sugar to be sitting around my house for my little muncher. So glad he is just as happy to have an apple as he is to sucking on a lollipop. Let's hope it stays that way for a few more years anyway.
Here are a few highlights of our day....

Making BBQ chicken pizza before our big night out.

Visiting Mommy's work to display the cutest costume ever.

Let's get this treat business going...Wow! That pumpkin is as big as me!

Yes! That IS a full sized slab of chocolate from my special Great Uncle & Aunt.