Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MMVA's by Scott

I attended the MMVA's this last weekend with Billy Talent, for those of you who don't know the MMVA's stand for the Much Music Video Awards. It's basically a souped up version of the Juno's...and the best thing was there was no Nelly Furtado dressed like a bird. So here is a blow by blow account of the MMVA's:

Sunday June 17 2007

900 - Lobby call for the crew (me included). The band members are at their individual homes because they are from Toronto.

930 - We get to the Rehearsal studio where the drum kit is stored and this is also where Billy Talent practices. I help the crew load the truck and then Paul (our Tour Manager) and I walk to Much Music.

1000 - The crew is doing load in and line checks. This gives me a chance to walk around Much Music. It's a pretty old building with a maze of hallways. I walk around as much as I can to get a lay out of the routes to and from the stage and find out were the media room, dressing rooms and washrooms are.

1100 - I have mapped the inside out in my head as much as possible time to check out the perimeter. I talk to some of the local security guys and figure out were limos will be parking and the unload and drop off points for rehearsals and of course find out were the red carpet is...for now its just a street but the barricades are up and fans are already lining the road. I also us the lure of bottled water on a hot day to grease some help out of the security guys for when we arrive later, it defiantly helps that I have been on the receiving end of good and bad tour security directors.

1330 - I had a quick meal at Subway and now I'm off to pick up the guys from the homes. Our driver for the day (Yoda is his nickname) is really good and the vehicle is a plush limo van.

1500 - I have picked up the guys and brought them back to much music, we grab credentials and head to the dressing room. Its on the fifth floor and is away from the hussle of the lower levels...being on the fifth floor will become a problem later.

1530 - Sound Check

1700 - The guys do some "shopping" at the much music swag store. Free X-Box's, watches etc. for all performers and presenters.

1815 - Have dropped the guys off at there homes and we are driving like mad back to my hotel so I can get changed and be back to get the guys for 1915. Did I mention that the hotel is across town?

1840 - Get to the hotel.

1844 - Back in the Van after changing clothes.

1907 - Back at the first band members home....I told you Yoda was a good driver.

1945 - We get dropped off at a local hotel to get into our rides to the MMVA's....two 1938 limos.

2010 - We get into the limo line for the red carpet. Turns out we are early and have to wait to get onto the carpet....its hot and the limos have no AC.

2025 - I'm out of the limo with our Warner Rep trying to negotiate our way onto the carpet early.

2030 - The guys are on the red carpet and the autographs/press dance begins. Red Carpets always look so relaxed on TV but in reality you really only have about 5 minutes to get everything done.

2045 - We are in the dressing room waiting for the show to start. One of the Alexisonfire guys informs me that they were just on the elevator when it dropped a floor and they thought they were going to die...no more elevator tonight for us...sure glad we are on the fifth floor!

2130 - Our first Spinal Tap moment. At awards shows they give you "wranglers" to assist with getting the band to their locations on time. They are usually high strung and always have the director yelling at the via headset. Our wrangler takes us down a stairwell that leads to nowhere and we have to backtrack. We still make it in time for Billy Talent to receive their first award, but I have a discussion with our wrangler about following me next time.

2220 - 10 minutes before BT play their song and I'm walking the route we will be taking for the next half hour with our wrangler. The schedule is something like this walk to stage, sing song, walk to holding area for potential award win, hopefully win award, walk to different holding area, hopefully win that award, walk to press room. This will all happen in 20 minutes.

2300 - The show is over and Billy Talent has won 3 awards including the fans choice award which is great. I'm helping our Warner Rep. get the guys through the press.

2345 - Off to the aftershow party.

0005 - We get to the party and its jammed with people, we have a private area that really isn't very private and I am constantly kicking people out that just want to wander in. The guys are spread throughout the bar so I do my best to watch them. Over the next few hours they go home one at a time.

0400 - Only one band member left and he's hanging out with the only remaining member of SUM 41, they have their own private room with Avril but shes long gone. I stand and talk with the SUM 41 security member and we spell each other off for washroom breaks.

0530 - The party is over and our two remaining guys still want to party a bit. They decide to go back to the SUM 41 hotel and hang out in the hotel room. This is good for both me and the SUM 41 security guy because this means we can both go to bed.

0600 - Back at the hotel and packing for my flight at 1200. I have to be up at 830 to meet the crew and go to the airport.

0615 - Ahhhh bed....hey is that the sun outside?

It sounds like long hours and hard work but its still alot of fun.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Taking a Break...

Sorry my posts have been few and far between. I have been taking a little hiatus on the blogging front but don't give up on me. I will have some great posts coming very soon. Just hold out a little longer...you don't want to miss them.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Only in a small town...

Just had to share with y'all my exciting morning events!
As I was getting ready for work this am, I looked out the front window and thought I saw someone's horse loose in the street. But as I took as second look I was surprised to discover that it was not a horse but a young moose. Not one to keep this phenom to myself, I started yelling to Scott that there was a moose in front of our house. He got out of bed and said it's probably just a deer, but as he looked out the window he too was just as startled by our early morning visitor. It must have been just as spooked to be in our residential area because it quickly turned around and headed back in the same direction from which it came.
It all happened so fast that I didn't get a chance to grab my camera to record this moment. But Scott was my witness and I wasn't just dreaming it all occurred.
Only in a small town...