Sunday, August 14, 2011

Growing Pains

Jackson has been a biking machine. He only just received a two wheeler bike from his cousin, Travis just over a week ago and he has practicing almost every day since. We have gone over all the precautionary rules of safety for Mommy's peace of mind; always wear your helmet, how to slow down/stop and keep your head up and looking forward to see what's coming at you. The last one needs to be reminded constantly as he has a tendency to be easily distracted while cycling (not unlike his Mommy).

Not really sure of this thing called balance to which we keep referring, but it will come. As you may notice, he is definitely in the training wheel stage. But that doesn't stop our little daredevil from wanting to try to ride off the end of a ramp or down a dirt bike hill.

He's our fearless little toughie who's not afraid of falls and scraps. Each tumble results in a quick bounce up followed by 'I'm good' and back on he goes. Mommy on the other hand, waits with her breath held, biting her tongue while he slowing grows up before my very eyes. It's so hard to release him and let him have that space to explore his boundaries but still want to keep him safe and sound without smothering. Oh, the lessons we are both learning during these growing pains...