Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anniversary Getaway!

Scott & I were given a wonderful gift from my parents for our seventh anniversary (wow! 7 years already!)... a trip for Jackson to visit his Grammie & PaPere for a week. Yes, a whole week!
When Grammie first called with the suggestion, I had to tell her that I would have to call her back with an answer after talking with Scott. The discussion wasn't so much if Jackson would be alright for a whole week but would Mommy be able to handle it! And after a very supportive husband's reassurance that everything would be just fine, I called back my mom to okay the trip.

So this just left us planning what we wanted to do for our anniversary. We decided that we would head to out for a little geocaching/road trip with whatever stops in between we felt like. We booked a room in Nelson for the first night followed by a night in Vernon for our last overnight. Then we just packed a small bag, our new 'anniversary' camera (gift to ourselves), and the GPS and hit the road. It was very strange at first to not here the constant babble from the back seat but comforting to know that he was in safe hands and having fun. And with all the smoke in the valley we were happy to know that Jackson was enjoying the clear Fraser Valley air at his Gammie & PaPere's.

Our getaway started a bit after lunch as we were in no hurry to get anywhere for any particular time. We were just going to enjoy the moments as they happened. With this in mind, we probably hit our first geocache at about 2pm en route to Nelson. Along the way we stopped in Greenwood to cool off in the little candy store for some frozen lemonade and sweets. We thought about popping into the famous 'Copper Eagle Cappuccino and Bakery for a famed cinnamon bun but thought otherwise as it was just too hot for pastries and coffee.

We checked into a cute little boutique hotel on the main strip and decided supper was definitely next on our list. After a great recommendation and reservations secured by the front desk, (Thanks Sara!) we were on our way to the All Seasons Cafe. Yummy fresh produce, we could literally see the vegetable/herb garden from the patio seating, and great service in a quaint homey setting.

After dinner, we strolled around downtown Nelson to take in the warm summer evening and peek into all the cute little shops and cafes. Good thing they were closed or else we would be a whole lot lighter in the pocketbook. Such cute little stores and some pretty trendy boutiques. Will have to remember that for our next visit...

Next morning; we headed for Vernon by way of Nakusp and the Needles Ferry. It was a long hot ride, did I mention our air conditioning was not operating at full capacity? And we had quite a line up to wait for that before mentioned ferry. Good thing we brought along some good books.

Once in Vernon, we checked into our hotel and just had enough time to grab a bite to eat before heading to the Starlight drive-in movie theatre in Enderby. Ever since we have been married, a full seven years already, we have been talking about experiencing this drive in theatre but have never actually gotten around to making firm plans. Well, this was the night and it did not disappoint us. It was a double feature that didn't start until 9pm so we knew we were in for a long night. But we loved every minute of it. Especially how you can control the volume control of your own sound system, it is fed through a predetermined radio station, and you can shut off the volume of your neighbours if need be, windows and closed doors work great for this. So glad we finally got to check this off our to-do list.


Lots of lazy relaxing moments were shared by Scott & I for our seventh anniversary getaway. Thanks for the great gift, Grammie & PaPere. Maybe we'll do it again next year!