Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

From our flannel clad family to yours....

Fun Family Firetruck Flannels with Monogram Tshirts. Yes, we went there...

Wishing you all the blessings on this Christmas season.
And the Happiest of New Years!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Super Sixth Birthday

Jman in his littleness days.
Can't believe that our biggest little will be six this week. Seems like just a short time ago we were prepping the guest room into his nursery. Painting and collecting all the necessities needed to welcome our little 'bean'.

And now we celebrate the sixth year of his joining our family. Time is slipping away so fast. Preschool came so quickly and now kindergarten has been completed. And now I find that I have hardly had a chance to blink let alone breathe, but half of first grade has already lapsed.

We invited a few friends to mark this momentous milestone.  It was a superhero kind of day.

Capes and Nerf guns, spidey silly string and take down the bad guy were just a couple of fun activities in which these boys took part.

Then it was Batman cake and snacks while watching the Lego Batman movie.  A simple but very fun and high energy day. 

Happy 6th Birthday Jman!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Annual Smalliver Light Tour

Jammies are on and blankets to keep us snug,
Next on to Timmy's to fill up our mugs.
The route is planned out for the brightest of brights,
We are heading thru Smalliver to see all the lights.

Carols are sung while we go a gazing,
At the wonder and awe of the displays so amazing,
Thanks to all the good people of Smalliver for the spectacular sights,
And Merry Christmas from our family to yours on this wondrous winter night.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Where has this month gone...

This year has slipped on so quickly. Especially with a newborn and busy grade 1 student. And although I don't always have time to share it with you, we are making the most of every moment and trying to spend more time with our kids. We try to live in the moment and be present with each child.

I find that although I am off on maternity leave, I seem to be busier than ever. Being treasurer with the school PAC has stolen away a lot of my time but I will be pulling back some of my time in the new year.  I only have 12 months with the little one and I want to spend as much one on one as possible with him. And I have not been able to give back to Jman's class as I did in the beginning of the year. His teacher appreciates any extra parent help with fun math or language games.  And it enabled me to make more connections with his classmates and how his progress and development was shaping during their lessons.

I also love my mornings spent at StrongStart with Ryguy (our newest name for the littlest one). Even though he is only 5 months next week, we love the songs and watching all the big kids play and interact. And it's just so good to spend that time with other moms and parents. And it's a huge bonus that my wifey, Shannon, is the most amazing StrongStart facilitator ever and we get to spend time with her as well.

Some news for us...
Jman lost his first the other day, Monday December 2. It has been loose for awhile and he kept wiggling it around with his finger. Then at his dentist appointment on Monday past he asked Dr. Noftle if he would take it out so he wouldn't swallow it. So out to came with a little freezing gel and a tug. Love these stages in his life. And so happy we can share them with him. His favourite part of having a hole in front is that it is perfect spot to fit in a straw. So funny!

Ryguy has been sleeping more regular hours. And just last night he slept over 7 hours straight. Mama is loving that! He is now almost 14 pounds and 60cm long. A great little eater like his brother. And he loves to share his adorable smiles and grins. Sometimes he adds in a little gurgle and giggle and the ever present nose crinkle to melt your heart. His favourite activity is sitting in his bumbo seat and watching his big bro play with his lego. All the noises and imagination play from Jman keeps him well entertained and a huge help to Mama when dinner needs to get made or a quick jump into the shower. Love that they are already getting along. We love the age difference and how helpful Jman has become and how attentive Ry is to his big bro's activity.

Scott has some great news too! He applied for an instructor's position with the Sheriff Services. There were interviews, physical tests and Powerpoint presentations created. And his hard work and determination were rewarded with a successful acceptance to be an instructor. He just found out this week so more details will be revealed as we know. He will still perform his regular sheriff duties on a daily basis but when courses come up in this region, he will go to those training facilities to teach for the days needed. Very exciting as only a couple years in and he has moved forward in his work goals. Very proud and happy for him.

We are so very blessed and hope to share more with you as the year comes to close... Stay tuned! And thanks for stopping by to read more of our adventures...