Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day At the PNE Fair

As a little girl I remember all the excitement and anticipation that would build before our end of summer visit to the PNE Fair. And it was now my chance to share this experience with both Scott and Jackson on their first day of fun at the fair.

We decided to take the SkyTrain and public transit to alleviate parking to choose to go green. And of course it would be Jackson's first time on transit as we don't have this 'big city' technology in Smalliver. Jackson's favourite part of public transit is the public part. He does his best flirting and charming when in crowds. And he just loves watching other kids, they just mesmerize him!
Once at the fair, we met up with some friends to catch a few rides in Playland. Can't miss a ride on the . Still rated one of the best wooden coaster in N. America.

Then we worked our way around the park to some of my favourites which included but were not limited to some of these sites.
Iams SuperDogs Show, exciting for all ages.
Carny Food; First Mini Donut for our little man and Grandma P's favourite candy apple
Checking out the Farm Animals; love the M00-ternity ward and baby chicks
Shopping at the MarketPlace for Shammy's with Mommy; we would have loved to buy more but we were travelling light.
Daddy's comparison of the two big coasters; The Wooden Coaster always wins!
And Jackson & I checked out the Red Robinson Talent ShowCase for a little music in the afternoon.

We didn't know if we would be at the PNE late enough to catch the KC Bear Toontastic Parade as it was at 4:30 and Jackson might have had his fill. But our trooper held out long enough to take in all the cartoon characters. He especially loved the music and dancing and just people watching in general. So many great memories relived in that day and so many more new ones made with Jackson and Scott.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tunnel of Fun

Caught some great pictures of Jackson playing with his cousin Travis. Jackson just loves to watch his older cousin. He will soon be chasing after him to play, play, play.
Here they are crawling through a play tunnel to the tent at the other end.
So much fun!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Uh Oh! Look what Jackson can do now!!!

I came downstairs this morning to discover that our little boy had been learning some new tricks during some playtime with Daddy. And he was more than happy to demonstrate his newly acquired skills. Where has my little baby boy gone? He growing up way too fast! At least we have all our photos and videos to document every moment..Thank goodness for technology!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Catch Up

Love that I can just post a few pictures to keep you up to date on our summer happenings...

Scott & Jackson just chilling in the backyard. Wow! Look at our wild and crazy tomato plant in the background. We better get to tending those soon!

While visiting Grandpa & Grandma P, Jackson was very helpful at determining when it was time to cut the grass... Yup! it's about long enough now, Grandma, pull out the lawn mower...

Jackson & Daddy posing at Haynes Point. Look at my cuties!
And yes, his shirt does say, 'Rampage Jackson' on it, oh Daddy!

Grandpa P taking a shot at feeding our little eating machine.
Our boy loves his food! Just keep it coming Grandpa.

Jackson loves to watch the scenery pass by...we did a lot of driving this summer.
We are blessed to have such a happy little traveller who takes a lot of car naps.

Can't quite make out the writing on the hat...
L'il Fightfighter! Proud to be a fightfighter's son...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sun Peaks Getaway

For our sixth anniversary we decided on a little getaway for the weekend. Actually, our real anniversary was the weekend before as mentioned in a previous blog, but Scott wasn't scheduled to be home until after that day so we booked our mini vacation for the following weekend. Neither of us had been to the Sun Peaks Resort so it was a new place for us both. No set plans, just relaxing and enjoying each other. And that we did!
As you can see from the pictures, Jackson felt right at home crawling all over our big room, tugging on the electrical cords, chewing on our shoes and pulling on the curtains.

Our first night we treated ourselves to a movie ordered in our room, (G-rated, Nim's Island.. I had read this children's book and was looking forward to some light entertainment) complete with sweet treats from this well known candy shop. Jackson was very excited about staying up a little later than usual and his first little taste of cotton candy. Yes, our boy is slightly spoiled but that's what this weekend was all about.

The indulgence continued with our in room breakfast the next day. Big fluffy, fruit-piled waffle, homemade granola with yoghurt and Canadian maple syrup. Even Jackson got a special little 'Frosty the Pancake' treat complete with watermelon arms and chocolate chip eyes and buttons. It was all so yummy and so decadent to sit in our pajamas while enjoying our morning feast.

Although the weather wasn't the warmest (more on the wet side), we enjoyed the local farmer's market right outside our resort in the main square. Freshly baked sweets and breads, home grown organic fruits and vegetables, handmade pottery and crafts, and locally raised bison and lamb. They are there every Sunday. A great way to buy local and buy 'green'.

We didn't get in too much hiking as we were not well prepared for the wind and rain, though you never would have known that we experienced that weather from the sunny photos I captured just after the morning market time. But no sooner had we headed out from our midmorning naps than the clouds had rolled in and down came the rain. We did manage to sneak in a few laps at the indoor/outdoor pool and a quick warm up in the hot tub before our big smancy anniversary dinner at the hotel restaurant that night.
Jackson was such a little gentleman with his flirty little ways with the waitstaff and good table manners while he enjoyed nibbles of wild mushroom risotto and peas from our lobster ravioli appetizer from our sumptuously delicious supper . And to our pleasant surprise, the hotel had sent a little anniversary dessert to our room along with a personalized card to commenorate our special day. Someone was listening when we were checking in... Wow! that's service.
All in all we felt very well taken care of and pampered. Just the outcome we were looking for when planning this celebratory holiday.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Camping We Will Go

We just got back from family camping with our good friends at the Kettle River Provincial Campground. Yes! Camping with a 7 month old in tents with no showers and no flush toilets.
But we survived. Mind you we only stayed for two days and one night. But we will take our accomplishments as we gain them. One step at a time.

You start to learn that after the first few dropped toys in the dirt and freshly chewed cookies in the sand, a little extra grit never killed anyone. We also tried out Jackson's newest watercraft. He loves the water so much and never complained when we had him in his little car motoring around in the fresh river water. It was a little chilly upon initial contact but not a peep from our swimming star.

Sand on the other hand was an entirely different matter. As he was sitting with Daddy on the little sandy strip we found, Jackson played a game of who was going to outsmart whom. His little hand would dig into the sand and make it's way to his mouth as Daddy would be there with a scoop of water to wash it away before Jackson enjoyed his first 'sand'wich. But as Daddy thought it was clear sailing...Jackson had his other fist full of sand and on it's way where the other hand had failed. It was a constant battle of wits with the boys and so funny to watch the way he was so determined. After a while he got distracted by all the little minnows and tadpoles we had swimming around our feet and gave up the fight...for this round anyways.
But all that water play pooped out both my boys so much that they snuck in a little afternoon siesta. Aren't they so cute when they are sleeping.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Six Years Already!

Can't believe it has been six years already, Scott!
Here are a few pics from the past to remind us that the love is still alive...

The day it all started... August 3, 2002

Wow! Look how young we look.

Honeymoon in Mexico.

At the river with the pups...Logan is so tiny and Kali so stylish in her fall coat.

My big hero of a guy in Vegas.

Our sweet little family out on a summer picnic.

And so it continues...