Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Popcorn and a Movie Night

Just a little snuggling and cuddling and just good old fashioned family time.
We had a lazy Sunday afternoon followed by a trip to the video store where we picked up a couple of movies for the night. One for Jackson and one for Scott & I.
After supper it was into our jammies with bundles of blankets. And we couldn't forget our hot air popcorn with real butter. Almost as good as the Smalliver Theatre! A great night in with the ones we love...

(Good thing Mom& Dad's movie was rated family, as someone didn't go to bed right after his own show...woke up halfway through our movie. Nothing that a little extra 'nuggle' didn't remedy. Oh well!)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Game On!

Future Hockey Player in the Making...

One Christmas gift that Jackson plays with everyday without fail is his hockey sticks and net from Uncle Spencer. We are always being asked to 'play hockey with me'. And we oblige at every chance we get. Here's a little footage of some 'Home ice' play complete with a penalty caught on film...see if you can spot it!

(I have footage of Jackson's Zamboni but need to get it to load properly...keep posted as I will try again soon, so super cute.)