Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scott is 30...

We celebrated Scott's thirtieth birthday all weekend. It started with a nice family dinner on Sunday night at our place with a fresh saltwater salmon caught by our good friend Martin. Cupcakes were Scott's sweet of choice.

This was followed up by a friends' dinner on Monday evening at a great restaurant, Campo Marina. We had never been there before and we were not disappointed. Great pasta and lots of it. It was a nice quiet celebration for Scott's usher into the thirties. Just the way he wanted it.

Thank you for all who joined us and all of those who sent their birthday wishes.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Time to Organize

Since I still have the energy and some time off, I have decided to tackle the mess that I call the office/craft room. It has basically been a dumping area since we moved in last year. And I've been told that if you have any projects that you want to complete, get it done before the baby is born. So after our great visit to the coast and a shopping trip to Ikea, I feel that I have the necessary equipment to get this declutter and organizing party started. Of course, is it really a party if it's just you and the cd player.
I'm one day in and the progress has been pretty good. One side of the room almost complete. But I have yet to touch the actually craft table, where most of the filing and fiddly stuff needs to happen. And Scott needs to build the new shelving units, that I think he overestimated in height so a little adjusting with power tools may be in order.
I'll keep you up to date on how it goes tomorrow....wish me luck.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Preserving Peaches

Continuing in the 'nesting' mood that apparently pregnancy can evoke, Scott & I have been adding some goodies to our pantry for the coming months. Besides the earlier baking and freezing of peach pies and peanut butter cookies, we have just finished a nice supply of canned peaches for the winter months. We learned not to chintz out on good canning seals. Home Discovery do not seal well; pay the extra couple of bucks to get the good name quality ones if you want to ensure they last through the winter.
Our next canning project is applesauce according to Scott. 'For the baby' he says, we'll see if it lasts that long in the cupboards before the baby can eat it. In the meantime, maybe some dried plums as we'll have to wait a few more weeks for the apples to arrive.

Painting Done...Well Mostly

Without the help of Holly, it would not be completed. Many thanks to her for spending her long weekend taping and rolling. The nursery is almost complete in terms of pre-furniture stage. Just a little more work on the floor and we are ready to move in the big stuff. And of course when I say we, I really mean Scott & the extra hands he finds to help him.
The spare room downstairs is slowly coming along with the electrical wiring down and wall studs in place waiting for wallboard, then more painting. And a new door to hang that had to be cut down to fit in our basement. Then on to the new bathroom, if we can find a plumber to take on the job. Wish us luck!