Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chair fit for a King...Make that a Prince!!

Jackson's newest piece of furniture arrived today courtesy of Grandpa & Grandma Schaffrick. This chair is pretty decked out with lots of height positions and a double snack tray. It has an extra cushy seat cushion and 5 point harness for out little wiggler, who has figured out how to scoot feet first from his car seat and stroller when not strapped in tight. I especially love the neutral 'adventure' colours and how small the whole chair with tray and attachments folds up to tuck away in the corner of our petite dining area. Jackson's new throne seems pretty comfortable and a much better view and position from which to rule his subjects, mommy & daddy!

It has been quite warm over the last few days so I have been making mini 'watersicles' for Jackson. It started with ice cubes but those got too slippery for mommy to hold onto while he slurped away. Then when at Grandma P's, she found a few popsicle makers from when I was a kid. I don't even have to hold them for him anymore. He got the hang of it after a few days of drop and release, but at least it's only water. It amazes me how much he can reach and grasp. Not to mention the strength this boy has in his two or three little fingers once they have found their target. Watch out when it's your hair that he has his sights set on!

Monday, May 26, 2008

More Adventures of Jack in the Box!

Here are some new adventures we have been up to lately...

Jackson loves eating. Just started peas with cereal tonight. Left the peas a little chunky for texture. He wasn't quite sure about it, but still tucked in and sucked it back. This is Jackson helping Daddy show him how it's done from a previous feeding.

We are planning some time in Pemberton for daddy's job this summer at this event. Hopefully mommy gets to take in at least one performer.

Went to the pool with Jackson for the first time. Check out his funky swim attire! He liked the floating and splashing but didn't take to the full dunking. We will have to work on that when we start lessons later this summer.

Mommy will be going to the local pool for a little 'Aquacise'. Gotta get that 'BJ' (before Jackson) body back so I can get into all of my summer clothes; almost there but not quite.

Starting to make plans to go to Silverwood Theme park for a family summer getaway. Can't wait to play!

And Jackson learning more every day and having so much fun in the process. Like this picture of him playing in a big box. Seriously...why do we buy them toys???

Monday, May 19, 2008

Five for Five

Jackson is five months old today! Wow the time just flies by. I spotted a picture of him just a few days old on my parent's fridge and couldn't believe the changes in him in such a short period of time. Here are his newest accomplishments in his life so far...

1. Rolling back and forth whether he's on his belly or back. And scaring Mommy ever time he makes it across his bedroom floor from one side to the other on his own.

2. Giggling and gurgling long strings of the oddest sounds. I swear there's a story in there that he is trying to tell us, but we haven't quite deciphered his dialect yet.

3. The strength of our little man is overwhelming if not overpowering at times. And I have a feeling that Daddy has been teaching his some self defence tactics lately as Jackson has been known to squeeze the jugular vein when his little fingers get active.

4. Jackson's recognition of our voices reward us with his first morning grin which make his morning wake up call worth getting out of bed. A guaranteed great way to start any and every day.

5. The appetite of our little boy competes with his father now that we have started him on solids. Tonight alone he had cereal and a baby rice cracker. He is living up to his Daddy's nickname for him, 'Kleiner Schweinhund'. I don't even want to imagine what kind of grocery bill we will anticipate in his teenage years.

We can't wait to see what the next five months will unfold for our little baby boy. But don't grow up too fast, we want to enjoy every minute of you.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Major Muncher!!!

Jackson has officially jumped on the food train and it looks like we have a pretty healthy eater on our hands.

We had a few days of practicing with spoons over the last week to see how he would like the feel of it in his mouth. And with everything else food related, he loved it.... Right into his mouth!
So last night was his first solid taste of rice cereal. I was still stirring it in the cup when he was leaning forward and licking his chops ready for the first spoonful. Not a drop was wasted with this boy. He loves his food and now looks forward to the next mouthful before you can reload. We are so glad that it has been such an easy introduction for our little man and can't wait to see his reaction to his next solid. We'll keep you posted!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Mother's Day of Many

My boys treated me to a great homemade breakfast of paper thin crepes and Earl Grey tea. Then out came the sweetest gift... A Willow Tree figurine that looks just like our little Jackson as he is right now. It will be a gift to treasure over the years when I look at it to see exactly how my little man looked on the day he gave it to me. Thank you to the special men in my life for making this such a special day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Newest Fire Recruit

Mommy can always go shopping...even at a fire fighter's seminar.

Besides all the cool fire trucks and extraction equipment and tools on display, there were some great merchandise booths with lots of fire related goodies ready for purchase.

And such adorable fire kid clothes...
Check out Jackson's new PJ's.... So cute we couldn't pass them up!

And of course Mommy & Daddy added a few pieces of fire clothes to their closets as well....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fire Seminar Part II

So here are some more pictures from this past weekend of Spring Fire Seminar hosted by our local Volunteer Fire Department...

Our department's first RIT Team after first attempt...Amazing job boys!

Jason's Fire Fit Challenge.... He did an awesome job...and he is one of the newest member's of Smalliver's department. Congrats to you, Jason!

Lots of hard work on the part of all the participants this past weekend... So proud to be called a firefighter's wife!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wow...What a Wine-Derful Weekend!!! From a Fire Wife's Side Part 1

Well, our little family has survived our first Firefighter's Seminar held in our dear little Smalliver.
After many months of preparation from all our firefighters and their families, another successful seminar is complete. It was such a great opportunity to meet other volunteer departments and industry manufacturing & merchandise reps from all over BC. We are thoroughly exhausted but full of so many great experiences to last us until 2010 when Smalliver hosts the next Spring Seminar.
From a Rookie Firefighter's Wife's point of view;
I had an amazing time on the Spouses Wine Tour. Our ladies time was wild and wonderful and full of wine! Thanks to Sonya, a fellow rookie fire wife and great friend, for her skilled bus driving that transported our little group to our delicious picnic lunch in the vineyard gazebo and our various tastings at local wineries.

Our first winery stop was Golden Mile Cellars where we were given a special tour of the wine making facilities on site. Korrine gave us an amazing fact filled tour and was such a patient guide fielding all our novice wine tasting questions and queries.

These huge French oak barrels and steel cooling systems were full of 'new' wine from Golden Mile Winery.

Our next stop was Inniskillin where a few wines were sampled but we seemed to find more fun in the parking lot. We acquired some attempted stowaways when some fellow wine tourists decided our bus of fire wives was more interesting than the huge stretch SUV limo tour they happened to me on. Our ladies got a thrill from the lively bantering and teasing of these good natured fellars.

Our last stop was Silver Sage Winery and the most liveliest of them all. If ever in the must visit this small but amazing little winery. Not only are the wines excellent and unforgettable, but the tasting hosts are as entertaining and unique as their famous Flame dessert wine.

And as you can tell from the boxes and bags, bottles were not in short supply after this last tasting and 'show'. A definite stop next time out of town guests come a visiting.
Then it was back to the fire hall after our eventful afternoon where we started off as strangers but ended up as new members of fire family bonded through 'wine group therapy'.