Saturday, December 22, 2007


An early Christmas blessing has arrived in the Schaffrick home.
At 8:07am Wednesday December 19, 2007, Jackson Ronin Koa Schaffrick entered our lives and our hearts.
Ronin - master less samurai; Japanese
Koa - warrior, strength; Hawaiian
He was a healthy 6lb14oz. for 2 1/2 weeks early.
I started contractions and trickling 'water' about 11:30pm Tuesday, just shortly after 'Daddy' had left for work. After a call to our amazing stand by, Brenda, we were off to the hospital where it would only be a short 4 more hrs until it was 'push' time.
Being Scott's son, he was a fighter and had to come into this world on his terms. After two and a half hours of intense drug free pushing, Jackson was still in the wrong position to deliver so a forceps delivery with a cesarean standby was ordered as I was wheeled into the operating room. It's a good thing that our son has been able to stand up to his chosen middle names after his big entrance scene. Jackson looked like a little bruiser from the forceps marks on his head, to the squashed cone head from the pushing and his poor little fracture in his clavicle from his shoulders getting stuck in the pelvic bones, not to mention the intense bruising on his head from the overall ordeal. But he is doing great and gaining weight, definitely his dad's boy with his appetite, everyday. We did take some pics in the hospital and such, I just have to get them into the computer that doesn't want to cooperate, but they are coming...Stay posted for more details and how our new little man is changing and growing everyday.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Four Weeks and Counting Down...

So this is what week 36 looks like on me...

I have dropped a lot over the last week or so and can feel the head 'engaging'. It is not the most comfortable feeling but it is exciting to know that the 'bean' is progressing as needed to make it's big arrival.
We still do not know whether our baby is a boy or girl, but we love imagining what life will be like as we sit and watch the nightly belly bumping that occurs on a regular basic. Some names have been picked out but nothing set in stone unto we meet our new family member.

It has been more difficult do accomplish the little things lately. Like tying my shoes or just getting my shoes on in general. And then there is the issue of trying to find a pair of shoes that still fit as my poor tootsies have been swelling up like little piggies. Not a pretty site when I do get to see them. And my poor ankles and calves are competing to see who will get the biggest faster. But I keep saying that I am very blessed to have had such a healthy pregnancy without major complications. And the reward in the end of all these new and strange changes will be worth every swollen moment. We can't wait to meet you little one...