Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunny May Days

Almost the end of May... already! Wow!
Here's some the activities our little family has been up to this month.
We had been planning to visit this great local site in preparation to our Day Out with Thomas in June. And although Daddy was fighting fires the whole long weekend, we were able to squeeze in this train adventure on the holiday Monday. It was so very detailed & interesting that we will definitely be back for another look.

That same day we finally got our plants & seeds planted in the 'family' garden. Pumpkins, beans, zucchini, watermelon, peppers, carrots. Just a few of the many delicious summer fruits & veggies we will eagerly be watching sprout this year.

Look at our happy little farmers!

The trampoline that we bought last summer has been set up for another season of fun. Scott loves to get in on the action with the kids. And they love every second of playing with Uncle Scott/Daddy. Just another 'big' kid in the bunch.

Jackson has improved tremendously since last year on his jumping skills. When we had the trampoline set up last year he was very tentative as he hopped or simply ran around the surface. Now he is fearless and bouncing up a storm. Can you make out the song he is singing in the video? He just has to watch out for the big kids as they throw each other off balance so lessons of patience and waiting turns are being learned.

Responsibilities and chores are another lesson we are slowing incorporating into Jackson's everyday life. He is our #1 dog food scooper when it's time to feed Kali. He really gets right into his job!

And our mini little home garden is flourishing with our recent showers. Our potato box & herb garden have really taken off. They were my mother's day gifts (along with solar powered mini lights for our patio) from Scott & Jackson. They made the potato box themselves and we can't wait to see how much they yield. And yes, that is a 2 yr old using a power drill. Oh Daddy!

And our cute little strawberry plant (our take home treat from Kayla's Strawberry Shortcake themed 2nd birthday party) has produced it's first crop of the season. Jackson got the honors of testing it out. Yum!