Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Surprise for Mommy!

Please forgive me if you don't like potty talk but I did give you fair warning....

Jackson & I were getting him ready to jump into the tub for his nightly bath. We were following the usually routine of fill the tub, add the bubbles & toys, undress, sit on the potty. We have not been successful with the potty as we are just trying to get him used to the whole concept of what it's for and so on. But while getting his towel and soap ready I hear a " Mommy, Pee-pee!"

Sorry so blurry but it was mostly Mommy's fault as she was so excited and Jackson was just more confused than anything!

And to my great amazement, I find that Jackson has in fact gone pee-pee in the potty. And like any crazy momma the first thing I grab is the camera to capture this momentous occasion. Jackson had no clue why his snap happy Mommy was trying to take a picture of his pee, all he cared about was flushing the toilet.
And of course, the excitement was so big that I had to phone my mom to tell her all about it. I know... crazy huh! But how often do you get a 'first-time' moment. Don't let them slip away. Jackson is already over 19 months old, where did all that time go! Rejoice in the little things! And have fun during the journey!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saving for a Rainy Day...

Our little guy is a stacker, packer and general overall organizer. He has learned that everything has it's place although it doesn't always get back there 100% of the time, he is doing pretty good for 19 months. He likes to help clean up toys into a bin and put garbage and recycling into their proper trash cans. And he is a great little sweeper. So great that he recently earned his own little hand broom and dustpan. I love to watch him drag that little brush and pan around the cute! I just hope this helpful nature continues well into his tweens, teens and twenties!!!

Jackson is learning early that you must start saving from the beginning to get ahead! When he finds stray coins, usually from Daddy's pocket, he clomps (he's a clomper, not a runner or a scamperer) off to find his treasure chest bank. He loves hearing the clink of the coins in his special little glass bank. And I love that he keeps looking for more when the pile has run out!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunshine Festival Parade

It was a hot one today!!! Well into the high 30's! Whew!
And what a day to have a parade in Smalliver.

My work had a float as did the fire department so Momma & Daddy were negotiating where Jackson would ride this year. Momma won this year but only because Daddy didn't have Jackson's fire truck wagon totally 'pimped' out for this year's entry. We just got his new pneumatic wheels on a couple of days ago. It now looks like a mini-monster truck. Jackson can't wait for his first ride on the new wheels.

So Jackson got to be a little farmer for my flower/farming float. He was so good on the float. But that's probably because it was soooo hot that he was too tired to do anything else. And when people are giving you treats and water and cooling you down with water why move around and get hotter.

Great way to spend a scorching hot summer day!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Right Now...

Sunday July 12, 2009 1:28pm
(blog inspired by SIL's posting)

I am hearing...
the soft soothing sounds of our heat pump as it cools down our home. It's already over 35 C (and climbing) in this beautiful South Okanagan Valley.

I am watching...
my husband making dinner preparations for the Schaffrick clan tonight. Yummy Chicken Satay & Green Beans Sambal. I am so blessed to have a wonderfully talented husband who loves to cook. Thank you Scott!

I am reading...
The Trophy Wifes' Club by Kristin Billerbeck.
Got hooked on these great little series she writes. So glad that they are available through the library.

I am enjoying...
a little 'me' time blogging before Jackson wakes up from his nap. He was pooped after church and went down even before lunch. So he will be hungry very soon. Good thing Daddy already prepped it so the little muncher can get right into it! Didn't I tell you he's the best hubby ;)

I am looking forward to...
our afternoon 'bike-go' ride with Jackson's new MEC bike trailer. He absolutely loves it. And who wouldn't when it's Daddy or Momma doing all the work!

I am sending out prayers...
to all of our loved ones whom we don't see very often. Although we don't visit often please know you are in our thoughts.

I am feeling...
so blessed that I have a wonderfully healthy & happy family.