Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost Home...

It has been a long hiatus since I last blogged but I have good reason. Without Scott home since mid February it has been a very busy time for me. Just coming home from work and trying to keep things in order with a 2 yr old has had it's challenges. Thank goodness for the blessings of friends and family who help me out and keep me sane.

And to top off all the craziness of everyday life, I am in the midst of organizing all the registration for the Fire Department Spring Seminar. This is a huge event for the department with almost 400 participants for a weekend packed of training and demonstrations. Lots of work but so great for all the fire departments from across BC.

Jackson & I have been keeping active since the weather has been so beautiful and we especially love the extra daylight so we can play after Momma comes home from work. Can't wait to share his newly learned skill...scooter riding. He loves his little Radio Flyer Scooter, especially his new helmet. He wore it for almost 3 days straight...seriously!

Sorry no recent pictures, not for lack of taking them (& cute videos) but I haven't been able to find the camera cord since Scott left. We may have to breakdown and buy a new one. Darn, I hate that when I know it has to be in our house somewhere!

All the more to look forward to in the next post as I hope to have a little more time to share our adventures once Scott is home next week (Yippee!)...Jackson & I are counting down the days!