Monday, November 18, 2013

Just today...

Just today, I took these photos. A little snapshot of what we were up to today.
Come take a look...
Smiley Ryder sitting up on the couch.

Jackson getting ready for training with Daddy. Fourth stripe tonight, next week is test day.

Newest seasonal installment in the Schaffrick Art Gallery

Scott was presented with this relic at his dentist appointment today. Scott circa 1987. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crafty Ladies

I meet up with two very special friends about once a month.  We like to make things. Sometimes it's seasonal (pysanka at easter, wreaths in december), sometimes it's just for fun (painting bird houses), and sometimes it's just delicious (freezer filling perogies).
We share our creativity but we also share our lives. We take time out to just enjoy the company of each other while making something with our hands.
This past get-together was spent making some super cute sock snowmen at my place. They turned out really great. I love that we all make the same craft but they always turn out so different. Just like my special crafty ladies.

Say 'Hello' to my sock snowmen family. I love how they turned out and even resemble us in a freaky but oddly cute way.

And a picture of the littlest as he is now four months old. Where does that time go...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cousins to the rescue...

Two new happening here this week...
First snow fall of the year. Not too much and gone by lunch, but enough for Jman to dig out his snow pants for school. And mom discovered he no longer fits his boots, rain or winter. Thankfully he has a bigger cousin nearby who had a smaller pair in storage. Thanks T! Guess we're shopping for new boots this weekend.

And this guy tried out the Jumperoo. Loved it! Especially all the interactive lights and sounds. Still needs a little wedge pillow for support, but getting stronger by the day. Another great new-to-us gift from cousins on the coast. Mahalo nui!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Super Kinda Halloween

We had a superhero kinda Halloween. Jackson picked the theme of our outfits, Justice League. And it all started from there...

First things, first. SuperHero signals must be created to call all the forces of justice.
Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and The Flash...Amazing job boys!

Then they suited up for a night of crime fighting and candy gathering from all the good citizens of Smalliver. Watching for evil lurking in the shadows and fearlessly keeping the villains at bay.

Scareview was no match for our dynamic duo of cuteness! Games were played and Boo Bucks earned!

And our littlest Superman was there to back up Big Brother at every Halloween challenge!

Mission complete! Ghosts and goblins keep in check for tonight! And Boo Bucks kept safe in the hands of Batman. And rewarding sweets and treats collected and consumed. Just another night in the life of these super adorable justice seekers. But stay tuned until their next adventure in Smalliver...