Thursday, October 17, 2013

Never too young to learn to do laundry...

All warm and toasty from the dryer. 
I love love love this little muffin.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quick Cuties

Just wanted to share some pics of the kids I have taken over the last week. And let you know I am still keeping on top of my self challenge to take at least one photo a day.

When I captured the pictures of Jman & Ryder together, I didn't notice the size difference in my boys until I looked at it on the computer. J is so big and my littl'in is still so little. But growing fast...
So blessed to have this time with both my boys.

 Thanks for stopping by to share in our moments.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sew now I do this...

It's not like I have a lot of spare time with the new babe, Ryder. Or even that I am bored, nope got lots on my plate thanks! But I seem to love adding just one more ball to the juggling mass I have suspended above my head.

I started making these reusable snack/sandwich bags last year when Jackson started kindergarten. I couldn't justify buying plastic bags to put in his lunch just so he could throw them out and do it all over again the next day. We are trying to teach our kids to be responsible citizens of this earth and take some ownership in keeping it clean and keeping it green. Every little bit counts so we try where we can. Ok, Eco-speech done for today. 

I love that they are made of a sturdy PUL that comes in super cute patterns and colours. My clean up is so easy; wipe it out for simple crumbs or give it a more thorough clean in the dishwasher flipped inside out in the top rack hung on the glass rungs or in the washing machine ( but Velcro tends to stick to other washing). Then I just hang it up for a quick air dry for lunch making in the morning.
I have also started using the snack bags as soother holders. Keeps the fuzzies and ickies off when in the diaper bag/purse etc. Love finding new uses all the time!

After a few moms saw my bags they wanted to get on the green less wasteful bandwagon. I do not claim to be a master seamstress at all, total beginner would best describe me. But when I set my mind to something, I try try try until I get it. So here I am with a new bambino and I think to myself, I should motivate myself, give myself a challenge, get out a little more... So I signed up for a table at a Smalliver craft fair at the end of the month. Just a little one, no huge Christmas market, it's just me and my little bags. And I have invited a friend, Rose, who is a super sewer, to share my table with her beautiful aprons. She is just too talented with the fabrics.

So if you're looking to get a little greener or just think my little bags are cute, thanks by the way I do too, let me know if you want to order a set or two for yourself or loved ones. Leave me a comment sew we can make it happen. 

Already have orders pending for Christmas presents for a whole family. And I am hoping to make superhero themed ones for Jman's birthday goodie bags. Oh, the ideas are endless...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Budding Photographer

When using the medium of photography, one must choose a subject of interest. Something that captures your attention and your heart...

Jackson  overheard me mentioning my challenge to myself to take a picture a day of our family life. He decided that he wanted to document his love of Lego.  So randomly while playing Lego, he will jump up grab our camera and snap a picture.
Here are a few of his latest installments.

Jackson's passion for his subject shines through each frame he snaps. Love that he is capturing these special moments of his own life and documenting the extraordinariness of his everyday.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Signs of Fall

Here are a few I have noticed over the last few days...
Dressing for colder weather

Beautiful crisp sunrises.
I get to see these courtesy of Master Ryder's feeding schedule.
Gotta see the silver lining in every early morning moment.

Halloween window dressing by Jackson
Yummy fresh off the tree apples from very good friends

Getting the yard ready for winter

Taking a break in the freshly cut clippings
We don't have a pile of leaves to jump into.
Lounging in decorative grasses is the same equivalent, right?

Snuggling in warm favourite blankies with the ones we love.

Spartan Warriors

There won't be any order to the details of our catch up posts. Just facts coming at you as they come to me during the day or middle of the night during our numerous feeding for the newborn.
So let's jump in...

Last weekend was very exciting for our whole family. We ventured up to Sun Peaks resort just outside of Kamloops for the most torturous race called the Spartan Race. Scott and his buddies decided a few months ago they would enter. Not a year in advance or even 6-9 months, but a couple of short months with no prior training or experience with endurance races under their belts.

And they did not opt for the beginner sprint race. Oh no! If you're going to go big, go for the Beast race. It's about 22km long. And not just running, but hiking up a ski mountain with chilling winds and  inches of snow and rain and mud. Did I mention it was an endurance obstacle race where feats of strength, agility and perseverance are tested continuously. And if said obstacles are failed then consequences in the form of burpees in multiples of thirty must be performed.

Jackson got in on the action by completing the Kids Race.  He endured modified versions of Daddy's obstacles all while running up the ski mountain and back down again. Jackson was in second overall in his age group in a heat of about thirty boys. But being the polite gentleman he is, he let a bunch of boys budge in front of him at the tire flip obstacle and lost his lead. That didn't deter him in any way to make a clean finish (despite the mud) with the biggest, happiest grin on his face.

But it's not about comparing how many burpees you had to do or the scraps and bruises collected at each trial station or who got the coldest, wettest or muddiest. And it's not even about the shiny medal you earn after braving the fire jump, though it is Jackson's most favourite one earned to date. It's about the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and knowing you completed one of the toughest obstacle races in North America.

I am extremely proud of both my Spartan Warriors. They both set a goal to finish their races and they both succeeded amazingly.  And both Scott and Jackson stated they will be back next year to do it all again.  And Ryder and I will be there to cheer them every step of the way.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

But First this...

This entry is all about firsts...

First blog update in over a year... I'm so sorry that we've missed each other. So much to tell you...big news coming, I promise.

First day of October 2013... I love the fall. And I am so glad we get to start this month together.

First introduction to our newest family member... Oh, I spoiled the big news. But I just couldn't help myself and he is just the bestest news this year.

First day wearing cloth diapers on our newest little pooper... Only 11 weeks old, but let's see how today's trial run goes.

First day of a photo project... this is a self motivated assignment to capture the little things everyday that we miss especially with a new little one.

Let's get reacquainted, shall we? Don't worry, I won't overwhelm you in one post. Let's have a cup of tea and start catching up...

This picture covers all the 'firsts' mentioned above.
On the first day of October 2013 (sorry it was posted after midnight so technically it's the 2nd, but so is the life of a mommy with a little babe), our newest addition, Ryder, was captured in his mommy's first photo assignment wearing cloth diapers for the first time at 11 weeks old.
Phew! Did it all in one comment.

So glad we are back into the swing of things. Looking forward to seeing more of you in the coming year. Hope you visit again soon to find out more about our little adventures here in Smalliver.