Friday, October 23, 2009

K-Town Adventure

This past week has been very busy for our family.
We just returned home from our trip to the coast on Sunday. And no sooner did I unpack our suitcases and I was packing it back up for my business trip to Kelowna for a three day course for work. Monday was a clean up the house and find room for all our new purchases & gifts from the coast, then a planning meeting for our upcoming fire department raffle dance in the evening. Then home to bed for an early drive into Kelowna. Thankfully I had booked a room for my stay and did not drive in every morning. And since the hotel I was staying at had a pool, Scott & Jackson came up on my second night and spent the night with me.

Supper at Red Robin's was very fun for Jackson. He watched the little train on the tracks above our heads all during our meal. Very good time killer until the food arrived. He would squeal out 'Train, choo choo!', every time it rounded into view. Then to poop him out even further, we took him for a swim in the hotel pool. I think our son is part fish by the way he takes to the water. And fearless! He was jumping into the pool from the steps into Daddy's arms by himself with no floatation devices. We have to find some swimming lessons for our little amphibian during these winter months.

Then back to our room for a bed time snack and a snuggle, then tucked into his own little cot. It was an adventure at every moment with this guy. Hotel beds seem to be a lot bouncier than regular beds and the toilet paper roll is so much more fascinating than the one at home. And his favourite new toy...the hotel phone. 'Hello, whatchew doin'?' is his newest catch phrase. Besides adding 'Why?' to every answer you give.
Lots of fun just the same and another memory to add to the book. And another blessing to count for time well spent.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

Today we are returning home from our trip to Grammie &PaPere's house. We were here to visit with family and celebrate Thanksgiving and my birthday. We tried to pack a lot into this past week, but one of the best times was going to the farm.

There is a local farm near my parents where you can visit the farm animals and pick out your own pumpkin from the huge selection in their numerous fields.

Jackson's favourite activities were 'milking' the cows and driving the tractors. The wooden displays were really cute and so kid-friendly. The adults even learned a few interesting facts about farm animals and produce while playing in the interactive farmyard.

That's my little 'bumpkin' looking at all the pumpkins. Cute, huh! I think so too.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slow down and listen to me...

Wow! It's Thanksgiving already. Can't believe where the month has gone. It makes me reflect on the moments passing so quickly. I know...'Not another, nostalgic softy moment of mush.' Hey indulge me, I'm a momma who is missing the littleness of her not so little one.

Everyday I wake up and thank the Lord for such an awesome blessing that He has given me. Jackson is my joy and Scott is my love. They make me so happy. Yet we seem so busy in the everyday of life that I feel like I am missing some of the 'good stuff'. But not so when you listen to the little guy. Let me tell you that Jackson is teaching me a lesson or two that I think we should all heed.

A few weeks ago, Jackson & I had been doing errands and shopping in the afternoon. He had been very well behaved overall even considering that he had not had a full nap and he was stuck in a shopping cart for over an hour. Upon completing our purchases, we proceeded to the van where I started strapping him into his seat. He was gently protesting saying, 'No, Mommy. No sit more.' When I asked him what he wanted, he immediately replied, 'Run around.' Here my little guy just wanted to run off a little energy and I was preparing to lock him into yet another restraining device. I explained that we were in a parking lot with cars and could not run around. We would have to get in the car and drive to a park to play in if this was what he wanted. He stated, 'No, Mommy. Run around, now.' I thought for a moment, why do we always have to do things our way, why not listen to the kid and make a compromise.

So we unstrapped him, locked up the van and walked to the far end of the parking lot where there were hardly any cars. There we held hands as he walked all along the cement curbs. Up and down, jumping and balancing, examining rocks and leaves. We went from one end of the huge parking lot to the over. And by the time we reached out starting point, he was about done and ready to get back into the vehicle. He loved our simple time in that unconventional playground. And I loved him for reminding me to just slow down and enjoy the moment before it passed. And now I have this moment to hold onto and pass on to you.

Slow down and just listen to the little one beside you. Put down the laundry, leave that book where it was thrown, don't worry about what's for dinner, stop fretting over that news story you just saw and just enjoy a few minutes of play with your kids. Trust me, it's time well spent. And worth making the memories. Thanks for sharing ours.