Thursday, July 21, 2011

Date Night: Dinner Out!

I purchased our first TravelZoo group voucher (like Groupon) for a 'newish' restaurant on the coast. Frankie's Italian Kitchen. I happened upon these great deals from the weekly email I receive from They now offer these great local (BC) deals and we decided to act on it since we would be in the area. The deal was a dinner for 2 for $35, how could we go wrong with a steal like that... So here's what we ate;

Gently fried served with fresh lemon & Tzatziki sauce

Queen Charlotte Halibut
Pan seared halibut fillet served on pesto cream sauce served with vegetables & scalloped potato

Gnocchi and Chicken
hand made Gnocchi with Ricotta, sliced chicken breast tossed in a Pesto cream sauce

And we finished it off with Creme Brulee.

We will have to keep our eyes open for more deals closer to home.
We'll keep you posted of any more food adventures as they happen...
Bon Appetit!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Splish Splash!

Another session of swimming lessons completed by our little fishy, Jackson. It was his first lessons without a parent and he did amazing. No fear or hesitation on getting right into it on the first day. We are so very proud of him. At the beginning of the first week he wasn't quite ready to dunk his head and jump off the diving board in the deep end, but into the second week and it was hard to keep him off the diving board.

He has now passed his Sea Turtle level and is well on his way into Salamander in August. Gotta get him ready for all the snorkeling in Hawaii this fall. He is great at floating on his back and staying under water for about 3-5 sec. We had a great teacher this session with Katelynn and look forward to the next round of lessons in 2 weeks.