Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Just over three weeks until Christmas and so many events and gatherings have happened.

-Putting up the outdoor lights to spread a little Christmas cheer each night!

-My work Christmas bake exchange was last week. So many yummy goodies from good friends were swapped that night.

-Town light up was last night, complete with bonfire, hayrides, hot chocolate, christmas carols and fireworks.

And still so many more gatherings to attend and the month of December has not even begun.

-My work Christmas party at the Lakeside including a night at the resort so we don't have to drive home that night.

-Firemen's Carol Truck throughout the town of 'Smalliver'; can't wait to visit the good 'Smalliverites' with the lighted trucks filled with all the kids carolling and handing out candy canes.

-Writing up the annual Christmas cards and letters to family & friends...must get this gone asap for timely delivery.

Lots of things still to complete before the season is fully upon us. And only five more weeks until the "belly bean's" due date. Gotta get it done while we still can and I am still able....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Busy Month - And Already Into Week 33

I can't believe that it is just over a month away until Christmas. Where has this year gone? And our little 'belly bean' is expected in under 7 weeks. Wow! That was fast!
We have been so busy this month! It started with the Fireman's Raffle Dance. Our first of many as Scott is now on the Fire Department. The department (including all the wives) put in a lot of time and energy to get this fundraiser organized and executed. It is a lot of fun and lots of hours but well worth it!

This is Scott & I on our way to the Raffle Dance.

We have also been taking our prenatal classes this month before the arrival of the little bambino. It has been a very interesting set of lessons of what we are to expect during the delivery and after arrival care. The hospital tour was very informative. We are keeping our fingers crossed the 'luxury' room is available to us when we deliver.

Scott is still working on little house renos and upgrades before the babe is here. And we have finally completed the new guest room downstairs. Or at least ready enough for our first guests, Joy & Scott. They gave it the stamp of approval on the Remembrance long weekend during their stay at Chez Schaffrick.

The nursery is also more complete after their visit due to the Ikea wish list that was filled from our family on the coast. I especially love the green striped crocodile for the crib to add to the green and blue water decor.
This is our nursery bedding ordered online that I just had to have for our very own. It is called 'Splash' by MiGi. The little fish and bubble pattern are just too cute.
I can hardly imagine that our baby will soon be here and sleeping in the beautiful nursery just across the hall. So soon....