Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jackson has a New Ride!

Santa couldn't quite get this one down the chimney so it was parked in the backyard for Jackson on Christmas morning.

He loves his new motorized ATV/quad. And just today he discovered the Turbo power handle while trekking through Papa's orchard. More speed for our little daredevil...Yeehaw!

Glimpses of Christmas 2010

Catch a few snapshots here and there of how we celebrated this Christmas.

Snack & The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

And don't forget Santa's snack and some celery for the reindeer too!

Santa gifts on Christmas morning...Jackson:'It's just what I always wanted!'
So glad that Santa was listening...

Opening stockings with Daddy!

New Christmas PJs for all the cousins...Fynn, Sophie, Travis & Jackson.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jackson is Three

Weekend of Birthday Fun

For Jackson's third birthday we decided to take advantage of the wonderful white winter weather. A day of sledding and fun was the plan.
Enjoy the photos of our adventures on our way to three....

Wintery (not Christmas) cupcakes for munching after a hard day on the hills.

One of three rides down the hill for our ill little guy.
He wasn't feeling so well in the morning and he persevered through the bus ride to the mountain, then literally couldn't hold it in any longer, poor Uncle Spencer, and he got sick. Pink snow is not a lovely colour when it's homemade. But don't worry, once we were home with all the friends and had a little food, he was up and about and totally tearing around the house with the rest of our guests. You would never have known we was just sick a few hours before.

A look at all the assorted snow riding selections.

Keeping warm, enjoying snacks and hitting the hills = fun, fun, fun!

Great day to go sledding!

The birthday celebrations continued into the 19th, Jackson's actual birth date.
Our Cars fanatic requested, 'A red car cake with a smile.' AKA McQueen.

This is my first attempt at a fondant cake. I made the fondant myself from a marshmallow fondant recipe. Then made a chocolate cake with chocolate filling. Not as easy as the webpage suggested, but totally worth it when Jackson saw it the next morning.

He was impressed that it looked like McQueen but was very quick to point out the missing tail lights and stripes. What can I say, my kid is a stickler for details....

(The outside looks really white due to the powdered sugar needed to shape the cake. It eventually absorbed into the fondant.)

Still can't believe we have a three year old!
Happy Birthday Jackson!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Treasures

I am so grateful that we have such a great daycare.
Jackson brings home some of the cutest crafts and drawings from "Penny's".
Here are a few of our new 'Treasures'.

Love the little candle.

Jackson could not wait to start munching on his little house.

Today was his last day there for the year 2010. When he starts back again in 2011, he will be a big three year old boy! Wow, that time just gets away on you.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Man Like The First Snowman

Jackson & Daddy were finally able to make the first snowman of the season tonight. Not for lack of time or skill just not enough snow until now...Dec. 11, 2010.

And it was the perfect consistency for snowman making. Complete with fresh produce facial features.

Jackson has been waiting since the beginning of November for snow. I just hope his snowman lasts for at least a few days as warm melting weather predicted. We'll just enjoy what we can get in the meantime.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Spreading a little Christmas Cheer

Our little Cheermeister was out tonight spreading a little Christmas sweets & treats in the local neighbourhood.

I was inspired by this old Rice Krispies commercial to give a little something back. So we whipped up some fun shaped crispie treats & hand delivered them to some families in Smalliver. Trying to teach and enjoy the spirit of giving during this festive season.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Smalliver Christmas Light Up

This time of year is full of wonder & merriment & lots of excitement when you have children.
Jackson helps us to enjoy all the little things of this holiday season.

It was Smalliver town light up complete with a ride in full fire gear for our little rookie. He helped deliver Santa to the festivities with all the other OFD kids & carolers on the Old 1952 Chev lit up in Christmas glory.

It was an awesome night of fun, but during the ride up & down Main Street our little fireguy literally fell asleep in the cold night air with the merry Christmas songs blaring just above his head. A long & very full night.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Days of Advent

We bought a beautifully quilted advent calendar at the local craft market.
Each day this December, Jackson will wake up to a little special treat.

(Already told him it will not always be candy)

This is Day 1 (note the bed-head)...Toy Story Kinder Egg. Loved the 'Twitch" figure, could care less about the chocolate surrounding it. Gotta love my 'veggie-lovin' kid.