Friday, March 20, 2009

Feeling Water-Logged

Scott had quite an adventure today with the installation of our town's now mandatory water meters. The company the town had hired to perform this task made a fatal error in cutting the 'live' water pipe from the 'town' side not the one on the house side that we have access to and can easily shut off. So needless to say, a half hour later and the town shut off valve finally found and dug up, thank goodness there isn't anymore snow & the ground has thawed. And all this in our newly remodelled guest room inside the house. Yikes!!!

I can just imagine the expletives coming from the mouth of the unfortunate fellow who made the wrong choice in which pipe to cut. And Scott was not impressed with the two hours of clean up work to move all the furniture and stuff out of that room.

So we are now in the middle of insurance company/restoration company contacts and dealing with a flooded, soggy basement room. Not a fun way to start the weekend. But we will manage! Thank goodness for insurance and the advise of great family members in the insurance business! You're the best, 'Cuz! I am sure that I will keep you updated on this fiasco as it is just the beginning. And good job to you, Scott for keeping your cool and getting as much done as you could while I was at work. You are the best, Sweetie!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marshmallow Mania

I was inspired by Alton Brown on this particular episode of his show. You can learn a lot of interesting and quirky info on this guy's show. And he makes you want to try something new and adventurous.... And we are all about the adventure in Smalliver, so welcome to our post on mushy, messy, mouthwatering marshmallows.

Jackson had never had any marshmallows until he was over at Grandma Schaffrick's and she gave the 'little ones' a special treat while the 'bigger ones' got to lick beaters. And we don't eat a lot of marshmallows, but they just looked like such a cool confection to make in our own kitchen that I couldn't resist. All in all, it was a pretty easy recipe, the clean up was the hardest part with all your sticky utensils and bowls. But nothing that a little hot water (or bath) didn't clean up in a splash!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just Call Me 'Mr. Adventure'

Scaling the couch...Oops, Momma caught me again!

Scott & Jackson have been spending some great quality time together as of late due to Daddy's time off and Jackson's daycare availability. I believe this is the reason to Jackson's new adventurous nature. I have been watching them interact in play and I have definitely seem some of Daddy's traits rubbing off on our little boy.

Playtime with Papa

Scott recently started the P90X fitness system and has been using more equipment in the house (as mentioned earlier his being home with Jackson and such). So we have a chin up bar and weights in the living area. Jackson loves the access to more 'toys' and Daddy is more than happy to show his little muscle man how to operate them all.

Look at me! One, Two, Three!

Their favourite one so far has been the chin up bar. I must admit he is pretty darn cute trying to hang from it. And although we have to watch for any future hernias, the Jack-Man insists that he can lift all those weights including that 10lb medicine ball. Stay tuned for his next weigh in for his MMA competition.

Chin Ups Anyone?

Basket of Fun

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aqua Show

Jackson loves his bath time. Always a lot of fun when bubbles are around. His latest tricks include getting Momma & Daddy as wet as possible and making puddles on the bathroom floor while still inside the tub. He loves splashing and squeezing spouts of water from his bath toys. And so cute while getting squeaky clean!

Enjoy Jackson's newest water show "Big Splash".
It can be seen live nightly at the Big White Tub about 7pm.
Don't miss this show as he is growing up too fast to catch it again...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Son of Rambo

Our little He-Man was caught on video today displaying his feats of strength during a little game of 'Ball' with Daddy. Please notice that our son is lifting a 10lb medicine ball with little to no effort. When Scott first told me that he had been doing this for a couple of days now, I had to see it for myself and then I had to capture it on the camera so that you would all believe me as well. And because I'm a proud Momma that wants to show-off yet another of my child's miraculous accomplishments. Of course, just before their ball rolling game began Jackson had another 'first'...he took a tumble into the medicine ball and got a little bloody lip. No cries just a little cuddle and it was all better. Our little toughie amazes us everyday. Thanks for sharing in our day!

PS I posted as 'Son of Rambo' because we are going to watch this movie tonight, thanks for the suggestion Joy, and it inspired me to make this posting of our little tough man. After reading the movie details and watching the trailer I couldn't wait to get to the video store to rent it as I hope to see a lot of my hubby in this film as he was growing up...

PSS Great little film. Very heartwarming and funny. Check it out, we both enjoyed it!