Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hallowe'en 2007

After much anticipation from Smalliverites, the boys did not disappoint their Hallowe'en thrill seekers this year. The theme was scenes of torture with about two weeks of preparation to get the set built and gather ghoulish supplies. The terror scenes included a fully operational hanging gallows, a chopping block waiting for heads and a bloody sawblade to tear limbs from it's victims.

We had at least 200 visitors who stopped to witness the horrors of the evening and handed out treats to over 180 costumed cuties. Some were so mesmerized by the drama in the yard that they forgot to come up for candy.

With the help of more friends and family, this year was a complete success with ideas of next year's Hallowe'en extravaganza already lurking in the minds of the creators. Many thanks out to all of you who helped make our spooky night one of the most popular stops in Smalliver.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Welcome New Babies

Baby Fynn William Hamilton has arrived.

Scott's sister, Sheri delivered a healthy baby boy on October 10 at 7:05pm. He was 6 lb 1 oz and almost 3 weeks early. As you can tell from the pictures, big sister Sophie loves her new little brother and can't wait to teach him lots of new things.

We also heard word from Jon Gallant of Billy Talent, the band whom Scott was on tour, also has a new baby boy.
Xavier Jeffrey Gallant was born on October 5.
Congratulations on your new bundles.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend with the Hamiltons

We had a great visit with Sheri, Vic & Sophie. The newest additon to their family should be arriving any week now. It was good to see them all before their new son/brother arrives. I can't believe how much Sophie is growing up each time we see her. She will be four in February and told me about all the things she is going to have to teach her new little brother. Sheri & Vic have a great little helper in the making. I am very happy for them and can't wait to meet the newest Hamilton. We will miss them at Thanksgiving but are so glad that we could get up to visit them in the meantime. Thanks for a great visit, Hamilton family.