Monday, April 28, 2008

Man of Leisure...

Our man of leisure getting ready for his daily walk around the neighbourhood. Isn't he just so adorable in his little track suit.

Complete with his MEC hat for that South OK sunshine. And his bright beautiful eyes ready to soak in all the world has to offer.

And of course the smile to outshine the sun any day of the year!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Here's Lookin' @ Me

We know that our little man is very cute, and apparently Jackson thinks so too. I can set him in front of his big mirrored closet and he will entertain himself. He laughs, smiles and coos, then watches his reflection do the same. Then he wiggles and kicks as his 'twin' follows his every move. Every day is a new adventure with Jackson and we love to capture every moment and just live it. Thanks for sharing our day.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Afternoon with Dad

Wednesday is Scott's 'Saturday' and our day to spend together as a family. Time for 'the little man' and Daddy to get in some quality one on one time . And of course, some time for Mommy to spend with her boys.

Daddy gets right in there with dressing, diapers and baths. Scott is just so great with Jackson.

We love taking our walks in the crisp spring sunshine. Here are the boys ready for their walk together while Mommy gets dinner ready....

I was watching one of my favourite channels when I had a craving for some 'Chicken Fried Steak'. So onto the internet to find Paula Deen's recipe to inspire my own creation for my family....YumYum!
Another great day in Smalliver...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daddy Dressed Me

Our little fashion plate is growing so fast that I had to make a posting of all the 'Daddy shirts' that will soon be too small.

The deal is that whomever dresses Jackson in the morning gets to choose the outfit for the day. So whenever Jackson wears one of these tops you can always tell that Daddy was the one who dressed him. I must admit though, he is pretty cute in his rocker rags.

Bumbo Baby

Look at my little cutie sitting up.
While at the coast this past weekend, we were not successful in our search for a used bumbo chair for Jackson. But thanks to our greatly generous friends, Sharon & Simon, the search is over. We are borrowing this great little invention to help train our little guy, aid in motor skill development and to prevent more hair loss from laying on his back more than needed. Okay the last one is just mommy's issue.

Jackson had so much fun in this new chair. He was able to play with his 'Crunchy Cow' so much easier than when he is on his back or belly. He just loved it! Thanks Simon for the use of your chair!

Check out this great new bib from Grandma P that absorbs so much that we don't have to keep changing it all day. We will definitely be looking for more...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend at the Coast

Some of the things we did while visiting on the coast this past weekend...Besides shopping of course.

Jackson reading some books with Grandpa P, or should I say reading books TO Grandpa P.

Yummy Korean dinner with Joy & Scott & friends at this restaurant. You order your marinated meat and cook it in the middle of the table on the hot grill. Lots of delicious accompaniments to with the rice and so much fun to eat!

Beautiful flowers from my husband. Okay so he got them because they were left over from the concert he was working at for the weekend. But he thought of me when they were offered up and they were a great surprise in the morning.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Road Trip

Scott had the opportunity to go down to the coast and do some security work at a new arena for two days which meant that Jackson & I were going visiting at Grandma & Grandpa P's. Which meant we would be on our first long road trip through the mountains. I know it's only a four hour ride but it's amazing how much stuff you have to pack for such a small creature. Thankfully my mom has a play 'n pack for Jackson to use as a bed, but we still had to bring the carseat, stroller, bouncy seat and all his luggage. It's a good thing we got a minivan as Jackson had more stuff than Scott & I combined. But all worth it in the name of convenience and comfort.

Jackson is such a great little traveller that we don't worry about the journey. It's just the feeding along the way that we have to be aware of as when he wants to eat, he means now! So for that reason, I had a bottle ready for him just in case we were unable to pull over for nursing. The only thing I was concerned about is that Jackson hasn't taken a bottle in over a month and I have heard that if babies are not using one consistently with breastfeeding then he may reject it. So eventhough Jackson didn't need it during the trip I still popped it in his mouth so that we would get used to the bottle again. He just grinned at me and chewed on the nipple with a little milk drool running down his chin. It was very cute, but it didn't set my worries to rest. But that same night, Mommy & Daddy escaped to do a little consumer therapy in the big city without our little munchkin for a few hours while Grandma was more than happy to get some quality Jackson time. And my fears were futile in regards to coming back to a screaming hungry baby as Grandma reported back that he sucked back his entire bottle and then proceeded to fall asleep and was tucked away for the night before we returned from our shopping outing. Wow! I was impressed with my little man being so easy with the grandparents. It's true what they say about how the parents are always the more who are more anxious and the children are the ones who adjust to change and are so much more easy going. If only we could all learn to relax and go with the flow like a little baby. I thought Jackson would be the one learning important life lessons everyday but I have found that my baby teaches me more about myself every moment we spent together. Children are such a gift and I get up each morning and thank God the this amazing blessing that He has given us.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Egg Hunting with the Cousins

Sunday was the day of the great hunt!
Scott got right in there with Sophie and Travis and scouted our some eggs with Jackson. It was a chilly day as you could tell from our little bundled man. But the excitement of the hunt kept us out there until every egg was found. Then it was inside to find that the Easter Bunny had left a treasure hunt for one more great treat.
We are blessed to have these little people who remind us of what life is all about. Enjoy each moment of your adventures with them as they will pass so quickly.

Leprechaun Poops Oh My!!!

We were invited to Aunty Brenda & Uncle Spencer's for a St. Patrick's Day feast. We had yummy pork chops cooked with apple juice and cabbage. So tender and sweet. Roasted vegetables with lots of potatoes of course... And three different types of dessert. Green sex in a pan from Sonya, toffee bit fudge from Brenda and Jackson & I made Leprechaun Poops. It was fun to make green swirls of light fluffy meringue. We even made enough for Daddy to take to work to share as he didn't make it to the Irish feast. We had a great time with friends and went home with very full bellies. Thanks...

Easter Visitors

Easter was almost a month ago but as explained in my previous post, our computer was down and so here is a little catch up...

Cuddles with Aunty Joy & Uncle Scott

Telling stories with Grandpa P

Posing with my girl, Megan. Don't you love our looks of aloof attitude!

Chatting up the Grandparents

Nap time with Grammie P

Grandpa & Grammie P, Aunty Joy & Uncle Scott were here to spend the Easter weekend with us all. Jackson just loves all the cuddles and snuggles he gets when we have visitors. And we had a great visit with Jackson's little friend Megan from the coast. She was out this way visiting her grandparents with her mommy, Eva.
Our turkey dinner on Saturday was complete with my step-brother, Robb. It was great to have everyone here to share in Jackson's first Easter.

Jackson Hears a 'Hoo'...

It's so good to finally have our computer up and running again.
I have missed my blog and now have a backlog of 'adventures' to post.

So here's our little man's newest development...
He has been testing out his newest sounds and songs on us over the past week. I was able to catch a little chat session with Jackson that I just had to share. It's a little hard to see in the video but his arms are flapping up and down from time to time. We call him our little owl with his wing action and hoots complete with the 'O' mouth. Can't wait to show him this when he starts dating!!! Oh the joys of being a parent.