Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saving for a Rainy Day...

Our little guy is a stacker, packer and general overall organizer. He has learned that everything has it's place although it doesn't always get back there 100% of the time, he is doing pretty good for 19 months. He likes to help clean up toys into a bin and put garbage and recycling into their proper trash cans. And he is a great little sweeper. So great that he recently earned his own little hand broom and dustpan. I love to watch him drag that little brush and pan around the cute! I just hope this helpful nature continues well into his tweens, teens and twenties!!!

Jackson is learning early that you must start saving from the beginning to get ahead! When he finds stray coins, usually from Daddy's pocket, he clomps (he's a clomper, not a runner or a scamperer) off to find his treasure chest bank. He loves hearing the clink of the coins in his special little glass bank. And I love that he keeps looking for more when the pile has run out!

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