Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunshine Festival Parade

It was a hot one today!!! Well into the high 30's! Whew!
And what a day to have a parade in Smalliver.

My work had a float as did the fire department so Momma & Daddy were negotiating where Jackson would ride this year. Momma won this year but only because Daddy didn't have Jackson's fire truck wagon totally 'pimped' out for this year's entry. We just got his new pneumatic wheels on a couple of days ago. It now looks like a mini-monster truck. Jackson can't wait for his first ride on the new wheels.

So Jackson got to be a little farmer for my flower/farming float. He was so good on the float. But that's probably because it was soooo hot that he was too tired to do anything else. And when people are giving you treats and water and cooling you down with water why move around and get hotter.

Great way to spend a scorching hot summer day!


sparadis said...

Farmer J. Maybe we can visit some animals while you are visiting.

Sheri said...

i love that pimped out wagon :)
fynn will want in on that action.