Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day At the PNE Fair

As a little girl I remember all the excitement and anticipation that would build before our end of summer visit to the PNE Fair. And it was now my chance to share this experience with both Scott and Jackson on their first day of fun at the fair.

We decided to take the SkyTrain and public transit to alleviate parking to choose to go green. And of course it would be Jackson's first time on transit as we don't have this 'big city' technology in Smalliver. Jackson's favourite part of public transit is the public part. He does his best flirting and charming when in crowds. And he just loves watching other kids, they just mesmerize him!
Once at the fair, we met up with some friends to catch a few rides in Playland. Can't miss a ride on the . Still rated one of the best wooden coaster in N. America.

Then we worked our way around the park to some of my favourites which included but were not limited to some of these sites.
Iams SuperDogs Show, exciting for all ages.
Carny Food; First Mini Donut for our little man and Grandma P's favourite candy apple
Checking out the Farm Animals; love the M00-ternity ward and baby chicks
Shopping at the MarketPlace for Shammy's with Mommy; we would have loved to buy more but we were travelling light.
Daddy's comparison of the two big coasters; The Wooden Coaster always wins!
And Jackson & I checked out the Red Robinson Talent ShowCase for a little music in the afternoon.

We didn't know if we would be at the PNE late enough to catch the KC Bear Toontastic Parade as it was at 4:30 and Jackson might have had his fill. But our trooper held out long enough to take in all the cartoon characters. He especially loved the music and dancing and just people watching in general. So many great memories relived in that day and so many more new ones made with Jackson and Scott.


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Favourite part of public transit was the public part - HILARIOUS!!!Glad you had fun at the PNE.