Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sun Peaks Getaway

For our sixth anniversary we decided on a little getaway for the weekend. Actually, our real anniversary was the weekend before as mentioned in a previous blog, but Scott wasn't scheduled to be home until after that day so we booked our mini vacation for the following weekend. Neither of us had been to the Sun Peaks Resort so it was a new place for us both. No set plans, just relaxing and enjoying each other. And that we did!
As you can see from the pictures, Jackson felt right at home crawling all over our big room, tugging on the electrical cords, chewing on our shoes and pulling on the curtains.

Our first night we treated ourselves to a movie ordered in our room, (G-rated, Nim's Island.. I had read this children's book and was looking forward to some light entertainment) complete with sweet treats from this well known candy shop. Jackson was very excited about staying up a little later than usual and his first little taste of cotton candy. Yes, our boy is slightly spoiled but that's what this weekend was all about.

The indulgence continued with our in room breakfast the next day. Big fluffy, fruit-piled waffle, homemade granola with yoghurt and Canadian maple syrup. Even Jackson got a special little 'Frosty the Pancake' treat complete with watermelon arms and chocolate chip eyes and buttons. It was all so yummy and so decadent to sit in our pajamas while enjoying our morning feast.

Although the weather wasn't the warmest (more on the wet side), we enjoyed the local farmer's market right outside our resort in the main square. Freshly baked sweets and breads, home grown organic fruits and vegetables, handmade pottery and crafts, and locally raised bison and lamb. They are there every Sunday. A great way to buy local and buy 'green'.

We didn't get in too much hiking as we were not well prepared for the wind and rain, though you never would have known that we experienced that weather from the sunny photos I captured just after the morning market time. But no sooner had we headed out from our midmorning naps than the clouds had rolled in and down came the rain. We did manage to sneak in a few laps at the indoor/outdoor pool and a quick warm up in the hot tub before our big smancy anniversary dinner at the hotel restaurant that night.
Jackson was such a little gentleman with his flirty little ways with the waitstaff and good table manners while he enjoyed nibbles of wild mushroom risotto and peas from our lobster ravioli appetizer from our sumptuously delicious supper . And to our pleasant surprise, the hotel had sent a little anniversary dessert to our room along with a personalized card to commenorate our special day. Someone was listening when we were checking in... Wow! that's service.
All in all we felt very well taken care of and pampered. Just the outcome we were looking for when planning this celebratory holiday.


sparadis said...

Good to hear that the three of you were able to enjoy your little getaway even if the weather wasn't the nicest.

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Sounds lovely! Jackson sure loved the plastic bag that the cotton candy came in!

Sheri said...

Sounds like a great breakfast!!