Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Camping We Will Go

We just got back from family camping with our good friends at the Kettle River Provincial Campground. Yes! Camping with a 7 month old in tents with no showers and no flush toilets.
But we survived. Mind you we only stayed for two days and one night. But we will take our accomplishments as we gain them. One step at a time.

You start to learn that after the first few dropped toys in the dirt and freshly chewed cookies in the sand, a little extra grit never killed anyone. We also tried out Jackson's newest watercraft. He loves the water so much and never complained when we had him in his little car motoring around in the fresh river water. It was a little chilly upon initial contact but not a peep from our swimming star.

Sand on the other hand was an entirely different matter. As he was sitting with Daddy on the little sandy strip we found, Jackson played a game of who was going to outsmart whom. His little hand would dig into the sand and make it's way to his mouth as Daddy would be there with a scoop of water to wash it away before Jackson enjoyed his first 'sand'wich. But as Daddy thought it was clear sailing...Jackson had his other fist full of sand and on it's way where the other hand had failed. It was a constant battle of wits with the boys and so funny to watch the way he was so determined. After a while he got distracted by all the little minnows and tadpoles we had swimming around our feet and gave up the fight...for this round anyways.
But all that water play pooped out both my boys so much that they snuck in a little afternoon siesta. Aren't they so cute when they are sleeping.

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Sheri said...

I love his little car/water-floaty.