Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just Call Me 'Mr. Adventure'

Scaling the couch...Oops, Momma caught me again!

Scott & Jackson have been spending some great quality time together as of late due to Daddy's time off and Jackson's daycare availability. I believe this is the reason to Jackson's new adventurous nature. I have been watching them interact in play and I have definitely seem some of Daddy's traits rubbing off on our little boy.

Playtime with Papa

Scott recently started the P90X fitness system and has been using more equipment in the house (as mentioned earlier his being home with Jackson and such). So we have a chin up bar and weights in the living area. Jackson loves the access to more 'toys' and Daddy is more than happy to show his little muscle man how to operate them all.

Look at me! One, Two, Three!

Their favourite one so far has been the chin up bar. I must admit he is pretty darn cute trying to hang from it. And although we have to watch for any future hernias, the Jack-Man insists that he can lift all those weights including that 10lb medicine ball. Stay tuned for his next weigh in for his MMA competition.

Chin Ups Anyone?

Basket of Fun


sparadis said...

Are you training Jackson for the Olympics?

Sheri said...

he's such a little muscle-man!