Sunday, December 15, 2013

Super Sixth Birthday

Jman in his littleness days.
Can't believe that our biggest little will be six this week. Seems like just a short time ago we were prepping the guest room into his nursery. Painting and collecting all the necessities needed to welcome our little 'bean'.

And now we celebrate the sixth year of his joining our family. Time is slipping away so fast. Preschool came so quickly and now kindergarten has been completed. And now I find that I have hardly had a chance to blink let alone breathe, but half of first grade has already lapsed.

We invited a few friends to mark this momentous milestone.  It was a superhero kind of day.

Capes and Nerf guns, spidey silly string and take down the bad guy were just a couple of fun activities in which these boys took part.

Then it was Batman cake and snacks while watching the Lego Batman movie.  A simple but very fun and high energy day. 

Happy 6th Birthday Jman!

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Sheri said...

happy birthday! looks like it was fun!!