Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crafty Ladies

I meet up with two very special friends about once a month.  We like to make things. Sometimes it's seasonal (pysanka at easter, wreaths in december), sometimes it's just for fun (painting bird houses), and sometimes it's just delicious (freezer filling perogies).
We share our creativity but we also share our lives. We take time out to just enjoy the company of each other while making something with our hands.
This past get-together was spent making some super cute sock snowmen at my place. They turned out really great. I love that we all make the same craft but they always turn out so different. Just like my special crafty ladies.

Say 'Hello' to my sock snowmen family. I love how they turned out and even resemble us in a freaky but oddly cute way.

And a picture of the littlest as he is now four months old. Where does that time go...